Saturday, 22 October 2011

Backing up; a scary thought for the day....

I awoke this morning to find a rather worrying thought waving frantically through the thick mist of sleep.

"What?"  I demanded tetchily.

"Pardon me for breathing," came the affected reply, "but how safe are all the masterpieces you've created over the years?"

"Fine," I assured the worrying thought.  "All my written work is saved on memory sticks, so if my computer decides to crash, let it.  Can I go back to sleep now, please?"

To my surprise, the worrying thought continued waving.  "And where do you keep your memory sticks?"

"Beside my computer, of course."

"So what would happen if your house burnt down?  Have you thought of that?  Hmm? Well, have you?"

"Um, er.......," I said, playing for time.

I sighed as  the implications hit home.  By now the mist had cleared and the worrying thought had taken up residence in my conscious mind.

"I don't know why you're looking so pleased with yourself," I spat.

"I could be saving you a lot of heartbreak," the worrying thought replied, looking around the inside of my cluttered mind and scratching its bum.  "Not to mention a considerable amount of work.  Possibly your sanity.  Can you remember your entire novel, word for word?  Hmm?Well, can you?"

I sat up, alarmed.

"Point taken?"  it asked. 

"Point taken!"  I replied, leaping out of bed and grabbing my clothes.

"Ouch!" cried the worrying thought, rubbing its shoulder.  My sudden movement had sent it crashing into a discarded nightmare.  "Where are you off to in such a tearing hurry?"

"Work," I called as I disappeared into the shower.

"But it's only seven o'clock!"

"I know, but I need to get my memory sticks out of the house, pronto, and my locker at work is the best place to keep them.  Bye.  And thanks!"

Having allayed it's fears, I was surprised when the worrying thought popped up in the shower.

"What?"  I growled.

It shrugged apologetically.
"As I'm here, I thought perhaps we could discuss your addiction to chocolate and the impact it's having on your waistline?"

I turned the shower up and laughed as the worrying thought spiralled down the plughole.


  1. I've got my work in Dropbox, which means it's out there in cyberspace somewhere and can be accessed from anywhere I can get an internet connection (as long as the fire that destroys my computer doesn't also wipe out the scrap of paper with my log in info on it)

  2. I too use Dropbox for all of my work. It's brilliant for accessing wherever you are.

    I am also new to the world of blogging. I've had mine for about a month and use it mainly to report on my first tentative steps into the world of writing. If you fancy a peek I'm at

    I look forward to following you!

  3. That made me smile, but yes - a serious message too.