Saturday, 29 October 2011

Dirty Dog

There's nothing like a dirty dog,
A literal mucky pup. 
They're a kind of living magnet,
Picking mud and 'yuck stuff' up.

I've got one who cleans the gutter,
Her belly sweeps the road.
The wetter she gets, the better,
She's a filthy little toad.

She loves wet grass and puddles
And every kind of sludge.
When I try to get her moving,
Little Madam will not budge.

When she saw a mouse one day,
Just one thought sprang to mind;
To wriggle through a muddy hedge,
Me, holding on, behind.

I should have dropped the lead, I know!
I realise that now,
But I didn't know, when we set out,
She'd use me as a plough.

Although, some good has come of it,
Upon close inspection;
I've found a way to treat my skin;
Mud's good for my complexion.

So my doggy's saved me money,
Thrifty little lass.
She can get as dirty as she likes,
Cos where there's muck, there's brass!

Dirty?  Moi?   Honey and Blossom - squeaky clean


  1. Completely innocent pooches - squeaky clean, of course! Our Saturday morning routine is breakfast at a nearby farm-shop and we often take a walk through the farmyard afterwards. A few minutes watching the pigs - a couple of huge Gloucester Old Spots - and then the dogs somehow don't seem quite so mucky. On second thoughts, who am I kidding?

  2. Lovely photo and so innocent!

  3. Lovely, fun poem. Really get a sense of their characters. Bet they're great at looking innocent whenever there are witnesses.