Monday, 31 October 2011

NaNo Nerves

Twas the night before NaNo
And all through the house
An author was pacing
And clicking her mouse...

Well, it's my first go at NaNo and I'm itching to start.  Not that my fingers will be hovering, trembling over the keyboard as midnight approaches, unlike those of some of the eager beavers who've signed up. Uh uh.  I'm very much a morning bod. You'll be lucky to get a coherent verbal sentence out of me after 10.30pm, so as for a written one..... 

     Anyway.  Back to NaNo. 

     I've discovered some very useful and creative 'stuff' on the website.  ( if you haven't stopped by before.)  I particularly like their thread on character quirks.  It's made me think up something for each of my characters and I must say it's made them very visible in my mind's eye.
     Another valuable 'find' was the Snowflake Method, which enables the author to flesh out the bare bones of their story in a sensible and holistic way. is the place to go if you want to learn more.  It's worth it, believe me. 
     I shan't be adhering to the NaNo challenge too strictly.  My aim is to reach my first major crisis point by the end of chapter eight.  (Novel-wise, I hasten to add, as opposed to complete nervous breakdown.  At least I hope it's novel-wise.....)  I've got it all planned thus far and I'm determined to allow my leading man and lady to take their time getting there.  I can't quite give myself over to rushing them through the whole caboodle in a month.  It's the kickstart and the discipline of NaNo that appeals to me.

     So, Nathaniel and Emma;  are you ready for the journey of your lives?  Do you trust me - the creator and author of your destiny - to deliver you safely into the land of Happy Ever After?  (Whoops - I've given the ending away.)  Then close your eyes, take a deep breath and submit to my imagination as I lead you 'Beneath The Cornflake Trees'.....


  1. Best of luck with Nano. I'm doing it too so let's nag, er I mean encourage each other to keep going.

  2. I had to pull out of NaNo at the last minute so wishing you luck.

    Beautiful pictures..x

  3. I tried completing the *ending* of my novel with nano last year. It worked, so this time round I thought I'd have a go to begin a novel. Four chapters in already!! Most of it will probably be rubbish, but at least it gets it out of your head and onto a hard drive.

  4. Best of luck to you NaNo-ers! I was too much of a scaredy cat to commit this year. Maybe next time...